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Late Night: Minnesota Heartland Increasingly Favoring Marriage Equality

Fresh off getting their asses kicked last November, the anti-marriage-equality people of M4M (or “Minnesotans for Marriage”) have just sustained another setback:

Minnesota Public Radio’s Tom Scheck reports in Another rural Democrat to vote for same-sex marriage bill:

A Democrat who was on the fence as to whether to support a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in Minnesota says he will vote for the bill.

Rep. Joe Radinovich, DFL-Crosby, said today that if the bill comes up he’s on board.

“To further deny equal rights to all people would be a black eye on this institution and certainly on my own career,” he said. . . .

Radinovich acknowledged that his stance on the bill would upset some of his constituents, including some of his family members. But he said he believes that a majority of younger voters support same-sex marriage, and that the trend is that same-sex marriage will be legal soon.

“I’d rather have the voters be upset with me right now than me to be upset with myself for the rest of my life,” Radinovich said.

Radinovich had been targeted by M4M in their efforts to shore up their support in the rural and exurban areas of the state, but those efforts don’t seem to be paying off the way they would have back in 2008 or 2010. According to a recent KSTP/Survey USA poll, attitudes on marriage equality have undergone a substantial shift, with the populations of most regions of the state now coming down in favor of the freedom to marry. Minnesota may soon follow on Rhode Island’s heels and become the eleventh state to offer the freedom to marry to all its citizens.

(H/T to Bluestem Prairie.)

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