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Hi, y’all.

It’s gotten chilly again today in Austin — dropping to the 40s tonight with a strong wind all day that made it feel much colder than it is. I put my pajama pants on when I got up and didn’t leave the house all day.

It’s not Cartoon Friday, but I love Pogo. “Pogo,” in this case, is the alter ego of Nick Bertke, an electronic musician who remixes cartoons and other media into catchy, danceable hits like his famous, haunting “Alice,” which the AVClub wrote about recently in glowing terms:

Yet for all of the ways that “Alice” panders to the Internet’s seasoned nostalgia receptors, Bertke’s track eschews the cheap rush of familiarity of a Girl Talk banger or a quick-and-dirty YouTube parody. There’s an expression of longing in the best Pogo tracks, Don Draper’s “delicate-but-potent” brand of nostalgia that poignantly, yet futilely, tries to fill the void of something lost: time, youth, innocence.

Here his remix draws from the seemingly infinite repository of Spongebob Squarepants episodes, turning childish fluff into something that makes my feet tap and puts a smile on my face.



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