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In the Thursday tradition, following Southern Dragon’s own practice, media and news from other countries are  our emphasis.

North Korea continued hostilities which have predominated in the early days of the new president’s regime by sentencing a U.S. citizen to 15 years hard labor for ‘hostile’ acts.

The United States has urged North Korea to free the detainee on “humanitarian grounds.”

“The welfare of US citizens is a critical and top priority for this department. We call on the DPRK to release Kenneth Bae immediately on humanitarian grounds,” deputy acting State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said on Monday.

Seoul-based activist Do Hee-Yoon has told the AFP news agency that he suspected Pae was arrested because he had taken photographs of emaciated children in North Korea as part of efforts to appeal for more outside aid.

US officials have pointed out Bae had entered the country on a valid visa, and admitted to concerns that he could be used as a “political bargaining” chip.

Possibilities of new powers from computers entered a hazardous stage as 3-D printers showed abilities to produce weapons in individual homes.

As the gun debate around assault weapons continues in the United States, one company has decided to combat possible legislation by designing a gun that can be made at home.

The design uses 3D printers and is being made available online for free.

An official stamp was given to increasing evidence that austerity bites, as the U.S.  Fed declared that economic decline has shown itself directly caused by sequestration.   Congressional action to create the bad economy was directly cited.

The FOMC released its statement after two key reports suggested that recovery in the jobs market is slowing, as end of year tax hikes and budget cuts – known as sequestration – seem to take their toll.The Fed announced on Wednesday that it would keep pumping $85bn a month into the US economy, citing concerns about the impact Washington’s budget cuts are having on the US recovery.

Dan Greenhaus, chief strategist at the trader BTIG, said: “They increasingly view fiscal policy as an impediment to what they’ve been trying to accomplish and today’s statement is an outright affirmation of that view. Fiscal policy ‘is’ restraining growth, from the Fed’s point of view. And as long as fiscal policy remains constrictive, then the Fed are likely to do more rather than less.”

In a world of hurt, the May Day recognition of truly self-destructive congressional ideology took a step on the possible road to recovery by actions available to the world’s governing bodies, and passed responsibility to them to assist a return to viable actions from them.



As I am traveling, and times have been confused for purposes of publication, I am putting up this post early to avoid its being unduly delayed.    Apologies for inconvenience, and my absence from comments.

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