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Tin plated Royalty

I watch the media and I hear, the most powerful Republican, the most powerful Democrat politician. So, and so, is a rising star in Washington. Bullcrap, no, they are hired, elected help. Public employees. They work for us, we pay them. Without term limits, they only have themselves to associate with, and they have decided they are a class above the rest of us. Sounds like the media is talking about someone in Hollywood when they give them these labels. I say screw them, bring them back to reality. I will call them by their names,although they want us to call them,Senator, Congressman, Judge, or whatever. It’s time to ground them and for them to realize they work for us. The media may have to kiss theier ass to get the next soundbite, but I as a private citizen do not have to kiss their but. Washington politicians want to focus on the middle class, what class do they consider themselves to be? I would guess, above you or me. And the media? Conservative or liberal? A joke! They don’t know their ass from first base. They are puppets, and say or do whatever it takes to maintain their lucrative contracts. They may have to kiss politicians ass to get their next story, I don’t, I will not ,politicians work for me. Term limits…it’s what we need.

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