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THINK LAB: May 1st

Happy May Day to all you war weary Peasants.


Today is not a day which I relish. It is a reminder of years in which my country has given up it’s soul for empire and greed.  We are more barbaric than Caligula in his time.


May the 1st. is the anniversary of Bush’s great exploitation on the aircraft carrier; dressed for the part to portray his grand, “Mission Accomplished” play.  It is also the anniversary of the death of Osama Bin Laden. Dates are so important to some people that it makes some of us dread looking at the calendar. Instead of winding down our global footprint in all areas Middle East, we are expanding with a deja vu style of war on the world.

Today the Bush Lie Bury, as Jim White would say is now open to the public.  Just two weeks ago we had an event in Boston that has political heads screeching terror.  If that was not enough to scare you out of your skin, the FBI and Boston Police set a new precedent!  I bet you didn’t think that was possible in the Land of the Free, but they decided it was perfectly fine to beat on resident’s doors and rush in to private homes in search of… Terrorist!  Boy!  They really pulled off a great feat of causing citizens to give up another right to privacy.

After years of repressive laws and billions spent to beef up our intelligence the FBI and CIA dropped the ball again.  Just when all that was going down there just happened to be another ricin scare. Yep, the US nightmare is repeated again to scare the heck out of anybody that thinks we have no cause to jump into another long term war stance. Don’t relax just yet because Lindsey Graham pronounced the Homeland as the new Battlefield!  During all of this tempest plane parts from 9-11 were found in New York wedged into small spaces, and they are now telling everyone to stay away because of suspected body parts.

These anniversaries are good reasons to reflect on the Patriot Act, The Authorization of Military Force, The NDAA, CISPA related bills, Drones, and all those other freedom hating secret laws that place us as individuals into a war zone. The problem is that most of Americans have no idea of the countries we are currently at war with, either covert or openly waiting for the best moment to jump in.  (see Syria, Iran, Georgia, Chechnya)  If the Administration and State Department had not shut up, General Wesley Clark he might have given us more on the long term plans.  His warnings on Libya and Syria rang true.

Just yesterday the President stood before the Press for a little question/answer period. The only question the press pool in attendance could drag up to give Americans a response in which they were looking for was about GITMO.  I’ll leave you to think about his response to that question.  It is my opinion that his advisers and he himself really see no need to close it at this time. Especially not with so many other countries to invade coming up.  Remember, Clark warned us there was a time frame placed on the US intervention into those 7 other countries.

Last week I watched the Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee of the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Human Rights.  Senator Dick Durbin chaired the hearing which included a myriad of witnesses to discuss Drones and Human Targets. The big elephant in the room was the one that wasn’t even there.  The Administration had requested a one week delay in the hearing to accommodate their schedule, but alas no witness from the Administration was present. Most all of the senators present wanted to discuss the legality of our Drone programs as the official lines say the AUMF allows our intervention into any country across the globe at any time, in search of terror suspects. It was also mentioned that the Senators had just received additional OLC memos immediately before the hearing, and they saw NO reason why they could not be made public.

General James Cartwright testified that, “we have lost the moral high-ground” with use of drones worldwide.  They discussed the other 70 countries that have and use drones briefly. There was one single non-governmental type witness present at the hearing.  Farea Al-Muslimi, came to America during his high school years under a student exchange program.  He is from Yemen, and stayed with an Air Force family.  He now resides in his small hometown village in Yemen that is plagued with drones.  He spoke of the horror of living with the fear daily of a bomb falling on them while they go about their lives.  They are fearful of going to purchase food, or even allowing their children to play outside.  He stated that of all the targets the drones had killed, the civilian deaths could have been avoided had the US told the country which persons they intended to get.  He said, that targets would not have been allowed to be in public spaces, or invited to private dinners if only they knew.  He also stated that most all of the targets could have been apprehended by local police or the government without bombs blasting up surrounding innocent people and children. He pointed out that the people see the US killing and it creates anger against our country. Al Qeada does not kill on this level and is trusted more than us in the area.  He said the drones were their Terror and it reigned constantly over all the villages.

One longtime senator present had enough moral tenacity to say that when he voted for the AUMF he had no idea it meant years on end, and across the globe without going through Congress to actually declare and fund a war. The testimony and questions were very important. It is all extremely late and carries a huge burden for these interventions taking place on behalf of all the citizens of the United States. Have you ever wondered how a rag tag group called Al Qaeda can suddenly be in all places and countries we have issues with? (think about that)  The hearing is quite long and can be illuminating if you wish to take the time. at CSpan.


In January of this year when the 113th Congress started there was one very brave and determined member of Congress to try to put an end to these atrocities.  On January 4th, the first working day of the year, Congress member, Barbara Lee submitted a bill in the House.  It is very simple and plainly worded.  It is entitled, H.R. 198  Repeal the Authorization of use of Military Force.  You can see it here:

I urge you to share, retweet, call, write, and support her and this bill.  As we all know, Blowback is HELL!

Disclaimer:  I am not a writer, nor a professional journalist.  I have no editor and all grammar, punctuation mistakes are my own.

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