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Rant 3: The Only Thing To Fear Is Fear, Inc.

The Moral Rot Of Our Ruling Class: A Rant In Five Parts

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RANT 3: The Only Thing To Fear Is Fear, Inc.

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Fear, Inc.?

The Military Industrial Complex rushed in. And cashed in. And in a blink of an eye we are in a state of forever War, without declare, beyond reproach. Private for-profit global Corps now holding all that makes up our most personal and private Individual lives in their money-grubbing data-base expanding hands.

297,000,000 American Citizen Suspects, sitting in the data-tree, P-A-Y-I-N-G for the indignity.

On one side the Republicans, ruling with iron fists, thundering (stolen) elections have consequences, imposing their agenda at will.

On the other the Democrats, sucker-punching their supposed base while doing everything in their power to make sure they never ever have to use any power they may actually accrue for fear of someone or something or ohmigod FOX NEWS SAID SOMETHING MEAN ABOUT US AGGGHH QUICK WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE (POLITICALLY)!!!!

A Republican Congressman screams out an insult in the middle of a Presidential Address and the Repubs are all “yeah, what’re ya gonna do about it?”

A Dem Congressman dares speak a truth, and the Dems force him prostate before the House Floor and the world.

And the makers and shakers of our Forever War laugh all the way to the bank and their billion-dollar tax shelters. Security State Contractors knowing where the Government bodies are buried – literally – ensure their continued ride aboard the billion-dollar money train. Our fearful leaders clearing their way.

Twelve years of one side ruling by fear, the other reacting in fear, and a populace having no counter to this fear.

As the Institutional checks we rely on, depend on, can’t have a democracy without ‘em, have also been infected by the 24/7 fear-mongering, we are well and truly fucked.

No Institution falling faster or furthest than the Department of Justice, currently meting out a corrupted justice that would make ye old Kings of England proud. Rule of Law? Fuck it! The law is what we say it is at this moment in this case and – psych! – don’t even try to find any rhyme or reason based on the actual law and established precedence cause we’ll come after your ass and your mother’s ass and leak the details all the way.

The whole point of a unified Rule of Law is to ensure fairness in face of unfairness. To strip out emotion, retribution, the ability of the Institution to misuse its own powers to cover up its own crimes or incompetence or simple sheer fucking embarrassment.

I’m not an idiot Pollyanna and know justice has always been delivered unfairly since our Country’s founding, but never has there been such a security state apparatus tilting the scales so far down over to one side, the moral vacuum that is our Country’s leadership tossing ‘em more dead weight by the day.

Bushco fears for their gross pre-911 lapses and raise their shield to hide, the shell-shocked Pols and managed media rushing to help hold it up. Start a war, then another. Not enough body armor and armored trucks? Gonna be a cakewalk, baby, fuck it! The Generals ride in on their purple-prosed plans that get blown into dust, when they stand up we will stand down just don’t do the math. The torture begins and the bodies break and Cheney pulls the strings.

And the D.C. Press swoons, with a ‘tut tut’ here, a ‘tsk tsk’ there, here a ‘tut’, there a ‘tut’, everywhere a ‘boo hoo’ those liberal bloggers are just so mean.

Obama takes charge and marches forward on absolving all who came before cause accountability will screw his Grand Plan, and damn if these war powers don’t fit fine but in 4-8 years it’s his butt on the line so touch that whistle and blow his cover the Justice Department’s gonna bring the thunder.

And the torture continues and the innocent break and Obama hides the strings. Dozens of cleared men rotting in Gitmo-Penitentiary, C-R-Y-I-N-G for a shred of humanity.

And the makers and shakers of our Forever War laugh all the way to the bank.

Tanks in Mayberry. Guns in our schools. When all you have is a hammer every problem looks like a nail. When all you have is every fucking gun, taser, laser, sonic cannon, kettle cage, pepper spray, smoke bombs, flash bang grenades, license plate readers, surveillance cameras, armored clothes, armored cars, medical records, bank records, private prisons, x-ray scanners, facial recognition, fingerprints, DNA, iris readers, wiretaps, GPS, phone calls, e-mails, and tweets, every problem looks like 297,000,000 American Citizen Suspects sinking into cowed apathy.

My intemperate musings on why We the People have increasingly accepted the fear tomorrow, in:

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