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Cassini captures hurricane on Saturn

Rabbit Rabbit.

International Developments

? 13 people killed and 70 wounded by bomb explosion in Damascus

? 62% of Americans say the US “does not have a responsibility to get involved in Syria.”

? Think Progress:  “Everything You Need To Know About The Syrian Civil War.”

? The Taliban “Spring Offensive”:  3 members of NATO’s International Security Force killed “in a bomb attack in southern Afghanistan”, 3 Afghan civilians killed and 5 wounded in Kandahar by roadside bomb, and 2 Afghans in Kunduz.

? “An Israeli aircraft attacked a motorcycle in Gaza [today] killing” Haitham Mishal,  “top militant in a shadowy al-Qaida-influenced group who had been involved in a recent rocket attack on southern Israel.”  Two others were wounded.

? Egypt has left the global nuclear talks in Geneva, “saying other nations are not acting quickly enough to establish the Middle East as a zone free of nuclear weapons.”

? “Pakistan Court Bans [former president Pervez] Musharraf From Office For Life”.

? Some 40 US Navy medical personnel are now at Guantanamo as the hunger strike continues.  Five inmates are  in hospital and “only a handful” receiving forced feedings.  Update: President Obama “pledged to renew efforts to close the prison”.

International Finance

? Eurozone wrap-up:  “Cyprus parliament [narrowly] approves bailout”, which included a “hit on depositors’ savings”; “jobless rate hits record high as inflation falls and Spanish recession deepens”;  “nearly one in four young people out of work”.

? It’s not just Big Ag any more;  it’s the Agro-Trader Nexus, with “dominant grain traders [forging] close linkages with major agribusinesses.”  Includes list of the “Dominant Corporations in the World Food System”.

Money Matters USA

? CEO compensation to rank-and-file worker wage is estimated at 1,795 to 1, “up 20 percent since 2009”.  The actual number is unknown since the Securities and Exchange Commission hasn’t “drawn up the rules” to implement mandatory disclosure after three years.

? “West Fertilizer Company stored large quantities of reactive products . . . with little state or federal oversight.  Citizens must be empowered to act when regulators don’t.” Update:  Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chair, “plans to schedule a hearing [about] safety lapses” at the West, TX fertilizer plant.

? Dallas, TX military contractor, Crash Rescue Equipment Service, Inc. “has agreed to pay $750,000 to settle allegations” it charged taxpayers for work it never did for the US Air Force and Marine Corps. [cont’d.]

Photo from NASA

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Dan Wright

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