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Over Easy – The Brave Engineer and the Say Hey Kid


The Say Hey Kid and Barack Obama in 2009

Good morning firedogs, and happy Tuesday!

It’s time for another fascinating installment of This Day in History.

On this day in history –

The Roman Emperor Galerius legalized the practice of Christianity throughout the empire (311 or 313, dates differ).

According to orbital calculations, Pluto moved inside Neptune’s orbit, where it remained until July 23rd, 1503 (1483).

Columbus was given a royal commission to equip his fleet (1492).

Jean Ribault claimed Florida for France (1562).

George Washington is inaugurated as the 1st President of the United States of America (1789).

The United States doubled in size with the signing of the Louisiana Purchase (1803).

The Camp Grant Massacre leaves at least 118 Arivaipa Apache dead (1871).

Casey Jones‘s passenger train, the Cannonball Express, collides with a freight train  in Vaughan, Mississippi. Casey died. (1900).

The 1st televised FA Cup Final, between Huddersfield Town and Preston North End, was broadcast (1938).

The USS Peto, the 1st submarine built on the Great Lakes, was launched (1942).

The Boulder Dam was officially renamed the Hoover Dam  by Congress (1947).

San Francisco Giant, and all-around spectacular human being, Willie Mays hit 4 home runs in a game (1961). I’ve had the pleasure of shaking Willie’s hand. Great guy.

Big Ben stopped at 12:11pm for 54 minutes (1997, no citation).

See you in the comments!

Photo courtesy of US Government Works via flickr.

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