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Rant 1: Greed Is Good (For Absolutely Nothing)

The Moral Rot Of Our Ruling Class: A Rant In Five Parts

I haven’t written a diary in ages. I – among many others I suspect – have been feeling crushed by the enormity of how far off course our Country has veered, overwhelmed at where to even start. Unwilling to let the bastards keep me down, I’ve written a Rant in Five Parts to vent. It is not polite. It is severely lacking in comity. I use copious amounts of profanity.

RANT 1: Greed Is Good (For Absolutely Nothing)

Once upon a time our current, sustained unemployment rate would’ve resulted in hair-on-fire round-the-clock action to get the economy back on track and people back to work. No more. We the People have become nothing more than inanimate numbers on a chart, the reality of our ongoing struggles removed from what masquerades as policy debate among our ruling class who content themselves with predetermined kabuki while always, always, keeping the riff-raff (us) at a safe remove, in the abstract.

Our current sorry state a natural and predictable consequence of the removal of the human us from the economic decisions made by our human deciderers, who’ve stripped from us piece by piece the most basic dignities the title American citizen once bestowed.

Look at the language behind the numbers of unemployed: “involuntary part-time”, “marginally attached”, “discouraged workers”. Open a newspaper, a blog, and another chart showing the 1% rising while the rest of us fall.

Team America, Fuck Yeah!!

We are things, assets, votes, dopes, to be hired, fired, reduced, re-used, milked, soaked, squeezed, downsized, outsourced, jailed. No voice, no say, be happy you have a fucking job there’re a thousand people lined up outside to take your place.

Once upon a time some small shred of our Ruling Class possessed the power of empathy, and understood the health of the Country was measured by the health of its people and our infrastructure. Decades of Corporate Greed grinding the Social Compact to dust has sown what we now reap. Never-ending, ever-changing financial games rigged to goose corporate profits and the personal enrichment of a chosen few while we the 297,000,000 fight for the scraps and pay their bills.

Alan Greenspan the poster boy for our Government Pols shocked – shocked! – that greed triumphs o’er all:

“Those of us who have looked to the self-interest of lending institutions to protect shareholder’s equity (myself especially) are in a state of shocked disbelief.”

Those not so shocked? Every sentient fucking being who watched as Corporate Executives raised share price above all from which all their bonus money poured down leading to short-term and short-sighted actions that left a trail of destruction in their wake. Our Randian altar-boy Greenspan rending his thousand-buck threads wailing “whocouldanode??!!”

What do we know? That, when given the opportunity, a distressing number of we shall choose the course that results in more money in our pocket ignoring the particulars of how that money came to be.

  • DEA lets City Police Forces seize assets suspected of being illegal drug-derived, sell them and keep the money? Cities start seizing citizen assets (i.e. private property) whether illegal drug involvement can be definitely proved or not, cause – cash!!
  • Education Overlords tie School Bonus money to test scores? A sudden epidemic of School Administrators and Teachers faking test scores cause – cash!!
  • Credit Rating Agencies gonna lose Big Bank Biz if they don’t rate garbage as A? Straight A’s baby cause – cash!!

Ream America, Fuck Yeah!!

Once upon a time we had a social fabric that, while frayed, held our most base instincts mostly in check. But there’s been a steady degradation in our code of conduct, too many of us losing sight of the value of doing right in face of rewarded wrongs. My impolite thoughts on how this has come to be tomorrow, in:

Rant 2: The Loss of Meaning

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