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Over Easy: Monday Science

Watt a waste

This is not doing anything but lighting up the Moon


We are now detecting plutonium 20-30km from the Fukushima reactors. They’re calling it “Gross containment failure.” Arnie Gunderson thinks they’re “grossly downplaying” Cesium releases. They’re admitting contaminated groundwater finally. Not sure about the wall idea discussed there, it would have to go below sea level and underneath the reactors as well. Unh, that’s where the corium is. Fallout level in Tokyo is the highest it’s been since the accident.

Al Gore is fat.

Altruistic punishment in humans called into question.

Even if we stopped burning oil, we’d still have to drill for it for use in lubricants. Well, maybe not. Graphene one layer thick seems to do the job.

Birds navigate by magnetic fields, here’s how they detect them. Pretty cool, eh? Postulate what else could be detected by similar evolution. Gamma rays? Infrasound? Cosmic background radiation?

If you think whales are food, don’t read this.

These guys got the determination of Wile E. Coyote and the patience of Mother Teresa. Waiting almost 100 years for that 9th drop!

One of the few large scale AIDS vaccine trials halted due to abject failure. There was quite a bit of hope for this one.

Of interest to all you gardeners out there. Honestly, I never heard of any of those myths!

Antarctic plankton appears to have started with the ice sheet, not survived in spite of it. Anything about Antarctica and the seas around it interests me. Anybody who wants to help sponsor Boxturtle’s Antarctic cruise, let me know and I’ll give you a paypal ID. And I’ll wear a hat with you logo one during the cruise.

Many people ignore light pollution, but it’s a problem. And it wastes energy. Here’s an LED streetlight that puts more light on the street with less energy by reducing wasted light.

How to sear a squid.

Boxturtle (Confess! How many of you read this? And how many just don’t get it?)

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