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Monday Watercooler, Birthday Edition


Hi, y’all.

Butter lettuce growing earlier this month on a traffic island near Kit's home.

Butter lettuce growing earlier this month on a traffic island near Kit's home.

It’s my 35th birthday tonight. I’m celebrating with Indian food and drinks with my friends — I’ll be celebrating, in fact, when this is published so Richard Taylor is your host tonight for any conversation or questions.

So far, my thirties have been wonderful — perhaps even the best decade of my life. My mother (Siun), delivered a bottle of Port to me to celebrate. The UPS driver told me, “Congratulations!” then asked, “Are you turning 21?”

My friends tell me I look youthful. I have friends of all ages, and I don’t ever feel old — except when I’m around other people in their thirties complaining about how old they feel.

April also marks one year that I’ve been editing MyFDL. I can’t say I’ve loved every single minute of it, but the joys far outweigh the stresses of this job. I love working with all of you here on the ‘Lake.

If you want to buy me a birthday present, become an FDL member, tell a new friend about the site, or start contributing diaries if you don’t already!

Tonight’s video selection is a TED Talk by Ron Finley about the importance of guerilla gardening in food deserts.

If kids grow kale, they eat kale.

We’ve been blessed with wet weather this Spring, at least compared to recent years. The garden is growing rapidly. I even experimented with a guerilla plot, putting different kinds of lettuce on a barren looking traffic island in the center of our street. A local neighbor saw my efforts and added to them — planting lilies around the lettuce plot and keeping it all watered. The lettuce is all gone now with the hotter weather, but I’ll try to plant some flowers soon.


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Photo by Avocasa Gardens, all rights reserved.

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