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Late Night: Kids Should Work for Food

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I mean, really, quit cashing those government checks: 

“I think it would be a good idea if perhaps we had the kids work for their lunches: trash to be taken out, hallways to be swept, lawns to be mowed, make them earn it,” Del. Ray Canterbury (R-Greenbrier) said during floor debate. “If they miss a lunch or they miss a meal they might not, in that class that afternoon, learn to add, they may not learn to diagram a sentence, but they’ll learn a more important lesson.”

Which will be that their government and their community think they are scum, and should be exempted from child labor laws, and are to blame for their parents’ misfortunes. I can’t think of a more appropriate lesson for children than that. 

I swear whenever these Republican knobs start yobbing off about how poor people just need to learn to work hard, I think YOU FIRST ASSHOLE. I doubt any of them have ever hauled anything heavier than a double scotch, but boy are they eager to stand watch with a whip while the little children pick in the fields and scrub in the hallways.

Make them earn it. In your life, man, what have you ever earned? 


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Allison Hantschel

Allison Hantschel

Allison Hantschel is a 10-year veteran of the newspaper business. She publishes First Draft, a writing and politics blog, with her partners Holden, Jude and Scout. She is the author of the books Chicago's Historic Irish Pubs (2011, Arcadia Publishing, with Mike Danahey) and It Doesn’t End With Us: The Story of the Daily Cardinal, about a great liberal journalism institution (2007, Heritage Books). She also edited the anthology “Special Plans: The Blogs on Douglas Feith and the Faulty Intelligence That Led to War” (2005, William, James & Co.) Her work has appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the Daily Southtown, Sirens Magazine, and Alternet. She lives in Chicago with her husband, two ferrets, and approximately 60 tons of books.