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The wheels on the bus go round and round…

So, President Obama has nominated Mayor Anthony Foxx (of my hometown) to lead the Department of Transportation. I mean I figured he was going to be heading on to bigger and better things but I just wasn’t sure what that would be until a couple of days ago. I know he doesn’t have the job yet but still it kind of made me go “where the hell did that come from”? The transit system here in Charlotte leaves a little something to be desired for some of us. The bus stop that’s nearest to me is about a mile away and the light rail system might as well not even exist for the people who live in my area because it is no where near us. But hey maybe sometime before I turn 40 (in 6.5 years), there’ll be more bus stops, the light rail system will have reached my neck of the woods, and for good measure we’ll finally get some sidewalks built after going without them for about 30+ years and counting. Maybe they’ll reduce the number of bus stops (again) and add another street car downtown (too far away from me to make a difference in my life).

Here’s an article from the Charlotte Observer for people who are interested but I would steer clear of reading the comment section.

eta: Yes, I know a mile really isn’t that far to walk but I’d feel better about it if I didn’t have to cross a busy road where there’s already been way too many accidents and end up splattered all over the asphalt.

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