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What to plant?

How will your garden grow?

I’m a total disaster at starting seeds indoors. It’s not that I don’t understand the science of it all, like some need darkness, some don’t care, some need scarification, etcetera. For me it’s always FAIL. So I buy young plants at the garden center. Around here we don’t set out plants until Mother’s Day (soon!). As such, I don’t have anything started for the garden except in my imagination.

What do you have going so far? Half the garden like Toby Wollin, the Ag Mistress or Millineryman, the Ag Master? Or just hopes and dreams like me?

I don’t grow many vegetables but I’m thinking about sugar snaps peas this year. I ate them all winter so it would be fun to have them fresh from the garden. What vegetables will you grow for your table later this year? A lot of you can and freeze a good portion of your harvest, what’s on the menu for the larder?

Any ideas on plant combinations for flowers in containers? I’ve always been fond of annual blue salvias, with perhaps a trailing red petunia if I come across one, and double-flowered marigolds. Pretty basic and colorful all summer long, but it sure would be fun to do something new. I have a couple strawberry pots, a whiskey barrel, and a long window box to fill.

One particular problem I need help with is a flowering vine for an awning post that gets sun in the afternoon, ideas?

Let’s get growing!

Photo by ccharmon under Creative Commons license

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