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Late Night: Winding Up The Week

Girl’s Giant Ball of Yarn by Douglas Muth

Lots of things happening here — some of them are reasonably clear:

— Over at NSFW, Yasha Levine has a piece on how the archconservative Walton Family Foundation is not only bankrolling the effort to privatize public schools, but also the effort to shackle media reportage (particularly that of NPR) with golden handcuffs and mouth tape.

— We all knew this, but it’s still nice to see someone writing for BusinessWeek say it out loud: “How Did the World’s Rich Get That Way? Luck.”

GE Capital will no longer lend to gun shops in order to finance gun purchases. I suspect GE Capital has looked at the data showing that fewer Americans are buying guns (and those that do buy are buying in vast amounts and are largely driven by fear of a nonexistent crime wave, among other things) and realized that they’d rather not be associated with the next Adam Lanza.

— And now for some really good news: Deutsche Bank says that solar power has achieved grid parity — meaning that it can thrive without subsidies — in India and Italy. Even better: The rest of the world should be at that point by the end of 2014. Now to get a decent, practical large-scale storage cell system perfected and out in commercial use…

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