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In The UK, They Are Marching for the Bees



Full article is here:

We Speak for the Bees’: Marchers Urge EU-Wide Ban of Killer Pesticides
‘This is not abstract theorizing. Bees are dying out. Now.’
– Jon Queally, staff writer
They came to speak for the bees.

Ahead of an expected EU vote on Monday that will determine a possible ban on a class of pesticides that scientists say are killing off the continents’ bees and other pollinators, a coalition of beekeepers, conservationists, gardeners, and environmental activists marched on Parliament in London on Friday as a way to urge the UK to join other European nations in supporting the ban.

Yellow and black dominated the scene as many in attendance dressed as bees, wore their apiary suits and carried signs that read “Like Food? Love Bees” and “No to Neonic,” referring to pesticide class called neonicotinoids that a number of recent studies have tied directly to the decline of bee populations.

The organizers of the so-called “March of the Beekeepers” included Avaaz, Friends of the Earth, Buglife, Environmental Justice Foundation, Greenpeace, Pesticide Action Network UK, Soil Association and the group 38 Degrees.

“Ministers can’t ignore the growing scientific evidence linking neonicotinoid insecticides to bee decline,” said Friends of the Earth’s campaigns director Andrew Pendleton. “Their claims to be concerned about bee health will ring hollow if they fail to back European moves to restrict the use of these chemicals.”

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We need to take action here in the USA. One of my pet peeves regarding the use of pesticides is how people will spray it even when the wind is gusting around at over 8 MPH. My landlord often shows up when the wind is 15 MPH and starts to spray. It is not only hurting the birds and bees, it is doing absolutely NO GOOD in terms of his main excuse for spraying, that is, his desire to eliminate poison oak.

If you absolutely MUST spray, be sure and wear a full set of clothes. Even the manufacturers’ of the pesticides explain in their guidelines you need full set of protective clothing when you spray… (And a halter top and shorts is not a full protective outfit.) And never spray when the wind is blowing more than six miles an hour.

Also:Avoid Bayer pesticide products, and any other brand that has neonicotiniods as a main or even partial ingredient. Be sure and consider the fact that although the label will say that the product is government approved, and perfectly safe, all that statement means is that industry conducted a test or two, usually choosing a test that has no relation to the harm the product will do, then they cherry-picked the data, and then the government signed off on their report. The revolving door between industry and the government ensures it works like this.

Photo from kokogiak licensed under Creative Commons

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