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Dear Left, Enjoy Your Pot and Gay Marriage Because That’s All You’re Getting

The putative left has definitively prevailed in the social sphere and there is no end in sight for that. The ascendancy of the libertarian right has meant that traditional social mores are under constant attack with fewer and fewer influential defenders, and at least a major part of even the American “right” isn’t much concerned. Gay marriage, to cite the current watershed issue, is now widely accepted by the moneyed right and still only reliably taboo among the working class and less educated, déclassé right.

But. Where money is involved, on economics, regulation of private business and taxation issues the conservatives are routing the left as surely as the left is carrying the social battles. It isn’t really even a question of conservatism–any policies that protect or increase the wealth of the already wealthy, however non-traditional or even radical they may be, are brought on board by the right. Today’s right has no apparent significant reliable ideological moorings beyond wealth accumulation and concentration into as few hands as possible.

The establishment right has pretty much come around to the position that you may get gay married or smoke some pot without government interference, but at the same time we’ll steal your retirement, move your job to China, see that the bank can illegally foreclose you out of your home, give all your tax money away to criminal fraudsters who by the way are also our largest campaign contributors, oh and you’ll be put under microscopic total government surveillance and imprisoned or even killed without trial if that’s what we really want in the new police state we’ve created because dark Muslims booga booga. Actually the mainstream left is pretty onboard with all this bad stuff too. So just STFU hippies, marry your same sex partners, spark a bowl and don’t cause any trouble. OK?

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Kurt Sperry

Kurt Sperry