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Sibel Edmond on the Marathon Bombing – “If they

Can do it in Boston – it tells them that it is a slam dunk.”

Some of us remember how Edmond was unjustly fired from her governmental position for releasing details of information she felt every American should know. A brief synopsis of her life from wikipedia: “Sibel Deniz Edmonds (born 1970)[1] is an Iranian-American, former FBI translator and founder of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC). Edmonds gained public attention following her firing from her position as a language specialist at the FBI’s Washington Field Office in March 2002, after she accused a colleague of covering up illicit activity involving foreign nationals, alleging serious acts of security breaches, cover-ups, and intentional blocking of intelligence which, she contended, presented a danger to the United States’ security. Her later claims have gained her awards and fame as a whistleblower.”####

So it is Edmond’s sad but true opinion regarding how the citizens of Boston accepted the one day lock down of their city. Really and truly, Sibel Edmond considers it “Martial Law.” Now I have been joking around and repeating a friend’s comment that it was simply the Bostonians annual “Stay home from work and school and have the police bring you milk” Celebration Day.

But in light of her remarks, maybe it is not a joking matter. In this interview with the Corbett Report, she lays out her understanding of the Chechnian region and its history, and also that of the CIA, NSA and other players as they scheme to get our nation involved in that area of the world.

She has been saying for quite a while that sooner or later, our “National Security people” would need to get the USA involved in the inner workings of this part of the world. So is it only coincidence that The Tsareav Brothers are from this area, with the older brother having traveled there several times over the last five years? And over at Huffington Post, the following was also available for consideration: with the words “Terror and Security” in its header, you will read this bit of text:

“In one case in Portland Oregon in 2010, a van was actually parked next to a crowded Christmas tree lighting ceremony where the FBI-entrapped suspect attempted and failed to detonate an FBI-provided inert bomb.

“More astounding was the fact that the FBI had actually brought this same entrapped suspect earlier to a location in Lincoln County, Oregon, where real explosives were in fact detonated. The FBI’s official statement titled, “Oregon Resident Arrested in Plot to Bomb Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Portland,” released by the U.S. Attorney’s Office on November 26, 2010 stated (emphasis added):

“According to the affidavit, on November 4, 2010, Mohamud and the undercover FBI operatives traveled to a remote location in Lincoln County, Ore., where they detonated a bomb concealed in a backpack as a trial run for the upcoming attack. Afterwards, on the drive back to Corvallis, undercover FBI operatives questioned Mohamud as to whether he was capable of looking at the bodies of those who would be killed in the upcoming attack in Portland. According to the affidavit, Mohamud responded, “I want whoever is attending that event to leave, to leave either dead or injured.” ”
Here is the URL from which to watch the Sibel Edmond interview:

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