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MoveOn protest Thursday in Pittsburgh against horrible Obama plan to cut Social Security.

On my various Facebook Internet hangouts I have friends to my left — yes that can be true — who insist that both political parties are the same. I think there is value in voting for the Democratic Party because today’s Republican Party just seems like an openly fascist party that fits that definition whether its the one by Umberto Eco or Naomi Wolfe. I can also see where the Democrats are trying to push some helpful policies on medicaid expansion which, if not for my diabolically stubborn (evil?) Republican Governor Tom Corbett, I would have healthcare coverage even though I am a working poor person. (Trust me.) There is a difference between the parties.

However, where my Green Party friends get no argument from me is that the people who have funded both parties seem to be hellbent on overall austerity — the sequester is austerity lucky us — as well as cutting social security which has nothing to do with the deficit — unless they stole the trust fund to cover those awful and unnecessary wars and haven’t bothered to tell us that. I suppose we might be angry if that were true. Who knows. Robert Reich has the rundown about what a horrible idea chained CPI actually is.

There is a protest tomorrow here on Thursday organized by MoveOn  where you can state your opposition to bad policy so if you don’t worship the president and actually look at what he does and if you’re a Kossack or Firebagger with time on your hands you should probably head down there and make your opinion known.

Here is the press release I received:

Dear MoveOn member,


Recently, President Obama became the first Democratic president in history to propose cutting Social Security.1 Under the President’s plan, called “chained CPI,” a typical 80-year-old woman would lose the equivalent of three months worth of food every year.2

This plan isn’t just terrible policy, it’s also politically toxic. According to polling, more than 87 percent of voters across the political spectrum oppose benefit cuts for today’s seniors to reduce the deficit.3  

MoveOn members—along with the vast majority of Americans—refuse to stand by and watch a Democratic president chip away at one of the most successful government programs of all time.

That’s why Robert K., a local MoveOn member, is organizing a petition delivery to Sen. Robert Casey tomorrow (Thursday) at 12:00 PM in Pittsburgh. Can you make it?

For more details about the event, check out the invitation below.
Thanks for all you do.
—Ilya, Stephen, Stefanie, Manny, and the rest of the team 

I agree with all of that. That would put the Republicans in a position of taking over all three branches in 2014. So this is one of those times where if you really want the Democratic Party to thrive then you should oppose this legislation.

On the other hand, I would hate to think that Democratic Sen. Bob Casey needs a petition. I would think Club for Growth proxy Pat Toomey (Evil Republican generally) would be the target. Related: A can’t miss piece by Stephen Colbert on austerity, featuring the grad student who exposed the flaw. Not Related: Still involved in a dispute with Gidas Flowers.


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