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Good morning, all.

International Developments

? Syrian officials and anti-Assad forces give differing numbers of those killed near Damascus during recent fighting.  The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights puts the number at 101, including “at least” 24 rebel fighters.

? Israel’s claiming the Assad government “has and is using chemical weapons”–an assertion that “puts pressure on US over its pledge to intervene.”

? Car bomb attack on the French embassy in Libya, injuring two guards.

? In response to inquiries about possible Iranian involvement in yesterday’s thwarted terrorist attempt in Canada, a Q & A about Iran (mostly Shiite) and al-Qaida (Sunni).

? “Spanish police have arrested two suspects thought to be linked to al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb”.  One’s Algerian, the other  Moroccan.

? A man on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list arrested for child pornography in NIcaragua.

International Finance

? Having wreaked suffering most everywhere (except among their own class, of course), the Austerians are having to face fact:  “Austerity is . . . a policy without justification.”

? Remember the Libertad, held up in Ghana because Elliott Capital and Argentina were  having a big financial disagreement?  Well, Argentina made a new debt offer, but creditors, including Elliott, rejected it.

Money Matters USA

? President Obama’s proposed chained-CPI for Social Security would hurt  beneficiaries, as we now know.  Turns out  a chained CPI approach is also in his budget plan, functioning as a “back door” tax increase for the middle-class.

? Scathing AFL-CIO report on corporate-funded auditing programs with  inevitable results:  “The failure of governments to protect workers’ rights in the global economy”.  And that, of course, leads to “disregard for health and safety [costing] hundreds of lives.”

? Gossip:  Is this Ben Bernanke’s last year at the Fed?  No gloating until a) we know if this is true and b) we know who the successor is to be.

? This is delicious.  The MF Global Holdings bankruptcy trustee has “sued ex-CEO John Corzine and two other former executives”.  The trustee?  Former FBI Director, Louis Freeh.

? Chart showing contributions by donor groups to Democrats and Republicans, 2011-2012.  Labor contributed $141,187,722, almost all to Democrats, while Finance/Insurance/Real Estate contributed $656,923,622, mostly to Republicans. [cont’d.]

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.