The video is from Clearing the Fog radio.  Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers,  Cheri Honkala, Chrisopher Cox and Sean Sweeney introduce us to the new alliance for Green government.  They say that it’s not a political party, but an alternative political structure, a Shadow Green Government.  The Cabinet was chosen by Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala, and has so far brought together more than 80 prominent scientists, lawyers, health professionals, economists, labor leaders and advocates.  (new website here)

The Cabinet members include an impressive array of good and dedicated folks, most of whom we’ve come to know and respect:

Dr. Jill Stein, President; Cheri Honkala, Vice-President, Dr. Richard Wolff, either Chairman of the Federal Reserve or Council of Economic Advisors, Chair (conflicting info presented); Tim DeChristopher, Emergency Climate Action Coordinator; Leah Bolger, Secretary of Defense; (public banking’s) Ellen Brown, Secretary of the Treasury; David Swanson, Secretary of Peace; Shahid Buttar, Director of Civil Rights Enforcement; Margaret Flowers, Secretary of Health; Kevin Zeese, Attorney General; Jesselyn Radack, National Security and Human Rights Advisor to the President; Michael Ratner, Division of Civil, Social & Economic Rights, Director; Col. Ann Wright, Secretary of State; Marsha Coleman Adabayo, Chair of Government Transparency and Accountability; Philip Harvey, Full Employment Council, Chair;  Christopher Cox, Political Advisor to the Prez; Gar Alperovitz, New Economy Advisor to the Prez, … and many others whose name and work you will likely recognize.

This page shows all of the present Cabinet members; the list will probably build further in days to come.

My take on the name ‘Green Shadow Government’ is a bit of a play on the present Shadow Government controlled by multinational forces of greed who own our federal government by now, and the Shadow Army concept that comprises the CIA and contract mercenary and support forces who are seemingly running their own global agenda, and have no accountability to Congress, even if Congress did in fact want it to be so.

I confess that I did chucklingly wonder how any of the Cabinet members might be replaced, as in: ‘Could Lee Camp be deposed, and replaced by Boots Riley, lol?’  (sorry, Lee, we don’t share a common sense of humor).  ;~)

FDL’s Juliania has agreed to host the thread since she is an avid Green, and I’m working on another project in my currently limited time online.  Maybe she’ll tell you about seeing the Rainbow Warrior being bombed back in the day…

Well done, all of you!  Here’s hoping that this movement will grow and wake people to what we actually are facing as the 99% whose welfare and futures are being so disregarded by our elected officials and their campaign contributors, and what good alternatives there are to it.  A great collection of people will be working towards a better future for us, and we all wish them well, I’m sure.