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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
By David Glenn Cox

I want you to look at these two photos objectively, because to me there is something just not right about them. The two suspects don’t seem to fit into the picture. Download this photo so that you can view it in a preview mode and expand its size. The suspect’s colors appear to not blend with the rest of the people in the photo.

The suspect in the white hat looks strangely over-sized in the photo. He looks to have a small puny build, yet his chest is the same size or larger than the other two men beside him. Look at the size of that white hat compared with the black hat on suspect two, could anyone else in the photo wear this hat?

Several years ago, I had a free trial of Photo Shop, and when the free trail ended I didn’t think I’d done very well. Today I think differently, and it was a lot of fun to photo shop my ex’s relatives in derogatory pictures. The trick is in the angles and smooth edges; it’s hard to get the edges cropped just right, so that it looks “normal.” Now looking at the boy in the white hat again, follow the edges of his image in the photo. See the woman in sunglasses holding her hand up in a “C” position with her mouth open? Look how her hair fuzzes the edge of the suspect in the photo, where is the suspect’s shoulder?

Now expand the photo to see his shoulder ends at the column and her hair has been distorted to cover it up. Now look to the right, to the other edge of her hair, as again it is fuzzy. It covers up suspect number one’s jacket, but there is a small gap, from the suspects shoulder to the line of his jacket is as straight as a razor blade. But looking into the gap is it curved or right angles?

Looking back at the suspect in the white hat, look at his left shoulder, obscured again by a woman with Auburn hair. One of the hardest parts of manipulating Photo-Shop is in the small spaces, like an Etch-A-Sketch, it doesn’t do curves very well. It is always best to stay with right angles and straight lines, look again at his left shoulder. The man in the orange jacket is on the boundary, expand the photo and look how his back line borders the suspect. Then look how the image blurs slightly when it reaches the suspects jacket. Look at how the shoulder of the hoodie blends with the man in red behind him.

Look at the woman holding her hand up making a “C” they’re hard right angles blurred, it was a space which needed to be filled in.

Look at photo number 2 of Suspect number two; look at the size of his head compared to others around him. Look above his white hat to the ghosted outline of his hat on the concrete behind him. What’s that dark patch on his cheek? Look at his chin, his head appears to be looking up, but his chin appears to be looking straight ahead. Look how the edge of the brim of his white hat touches the image of the woman in front of him. He’s just a head in the photo and there’s something up with his hat, and his cheek and his chin. I could not identify the man in this photo as being the same man shown in the first photo.


“Alas, poor country, almost afraid to know itself! It cannot be called our mother, but our grave.” ~ William Shakespeare

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My name is David Glenn Cox; I am a political and public affairs writer. My works have been published by many diverse groups from Business Week.Com to the Australian Communist Party. My views are strindenly leftist but are detached from following party lines.

My perspective is from street level, I write about the trials and travails of a struggling American people and the princelings, posers and pundits who pretend to lead them to the promised land and yet continue to make wrong turns.