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Schizoid Man….Schizoid Nation

Rick Perry has declared West Texas a disaster area and wants federal aid from the government he would rather not be a part of.

A number of states have legalized or decriminalized marijuana use in opposition to federal law.   With more to come. As well as gay marriage.

There are also states that are fighting the Supreme Court decision on election moneys and other issues.

And article in Der Spiegle wonders if independent terrorists will be come the norm.

During the 1950s and 1960s when I grew up such things would have been unheard of.  Acting independently – outside of any group, let alone national interest – did not cross anyone’s mind.  People aligned themselves with the nation they live in.  Then within the local group they were a part of.  You were and American (or German, or Italian, or Canadian, or Greek….) and that was that.

This all started to change during the 1960s beginning with the civil rights movement and then with the anti-war movement. All coinciding with the advances in global communications.  Till now we are able to communicate with and find out who, what, why and where in nearly every corner of the globe.  We can now find out through web sites and chat rooms and videos not just what governments are doing and thinking but the people who live in any place we wish to know about think and feel and are doing.

The Arab spring protests via twitter and videos from the people themselves.  In an interview of France 24 the question A new trend of jihadism via Internet? is asked.

F24: Is there a reason to be worried about widespread radicalisation via Internet?

DT: Online jihadists spreading propaganda can promote the attacks, so for them these attacks were a coup. The Boston Marathon attacks were pretty brazen. Online jihadist leaders know they have numerous followers on the web, but few people end up actually following through on their recommendations [to carry out attacks]. But even if ten new people end up taking action and plotting terrorist attacks, for them it’s a victory.

Not just radical Islam but radical anything. I doubt seriously that the Tea Party would have become a force with out the communication infrastructure we had in place that allowed all these disgruntled people to align with each other.  More and more we are seeing people coming together along some ideological or religious or economic lines. But still want and need the stability and continuity  and security of some larger national lines as well.  But how can one feel part of a country when little of what they have is even made there ? When the company you work for and the mortgage on your house is owned by some conglomerate half way around the world?

When you government seems to be more responsive to people who don’t even live here. Going after it’s own citizens who do not fit with the current governments philosophy and ideals.  You no longer feel comfortable with your country so you latch on to some ideal or group outside your country and try to make you country fit this ideal so you can feel comfortable again.  Even if the people who support it live outside your area or country.  And every time you walk down the street you see someone who reminds you of just out of place you feel. Even the place you were born and grew up in looks foreign to you now.   All of this making you feel how your country is becoming less and less your country.  Enough to make one feel schizoid.  Globalism has not just taken away peoples jobs but is taking away their feeling of belonging as well.

This not a defense of nationalism. Quite the contrary it is showing how nationalism is becoming moot.

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