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Over Easy: Monday Science


There is more to me than meets the eye


Syracuse University has managed to make and study about a ton of corium. Keeping in mind that conditions in an actual reactor would be much different, it burned through 30cm of concrete an hour.  It only needed to burn through 200cm to leave the containment buildings at Fukushima.

Kepler-62’s solar system looks a lot like ours, with a couple planets in the habitable zone.

Top five discoveries from the Mars Rover Curiosity. Remember that one? Yep, still going.

The gamma rays from Markarian 421 are so bright that they’re saturating the field of view of earth based telescopes. From about 400 million light years away.

34% has always been the maximum theoretical efficiency for a PV type solar cell. Research at MIT has just tossed that limit. In theory, this could boost efficiency to over 70%, I practice it could enable 30% efficient PV cells to be commercially feasible.

Which is good, because the late 20th century was the warmest in 1,400 years. We’re seeing the impact in the permafrost.

Cap and trade is in trouble. The price of carbon emission credts dropped to well below the level to encourage greener tech.  I liked the idea, but it may be the only may to do it is a simple carbon tax. Which would get laughed out of Washington.

New family of Superconductors. Not commercially useful, still strong hygroscopic.

Measles epidemic in Swansea UK has resulted in one death. Here in America, refusal to vaccinate has become so common there is a form for it. Religion will eventually die out as it kills it’s most loyal followers.

Lightning comes in different types. The type that is produced by electron-positron annihilation is called dark lightning and is composed of gamma rays. If you’re in the wrong place (airplane near the center of a storm) at the time of one of these bolts you could receive the equivalent of an intense full body scan.

Giant Squid Bike Rack.

Boxturtle (It’s too wet to cut grass, I’m gonna need a combine to harvest my lawn!)


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