National Republican Congressional Committee Announces Focus on Protecting 11 Incumbents

mike coffman

Representative Mike Coffman (R-CO), one of 11 Republican incumbents facing tough re-election in 2014

It may be a year and half until the next Congressional election but as far as the major parties are concerned it is never too early to start laying the groundwork for protecting the most vulnerable incumbents.

In a big step to start preparing for the next election National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) re-launched their Patriot Program for 2014. The program is focused on protecting the 11 Republican incumbents who are currently seen as needing the most help next year. They are:

Mike Coffman, Colorado 6th – Carried by Obama 2012
Rodney Davis, Illinois 13th
Jeff Denham, California 10th – Carried by Obama 2012
Mike Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania 8th
Bob Gibbs, Ohio 7th
Chris Gibson, New York 19th – Carried by Obama 2012
Joe Heck, Nevada 3rd – Carried by Obama 2012
David Joyce, Ohio 14th
Steve Southerland, Florida 2nd
David Valadao, California 21st – Carried by Obama 2012
Jackie Walorski, Indiana 2nd

As indicated above almost half of the Congressional districts were actually carried by President Obama in 2012 and in a few of the races Democrats have already secured a top tier recruit.

This is a good preliminary list of what should be some of the most interesting races next year. For Democrats to take back the House they will basically need to win almost ever yone of these races plus at least several more.

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