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Hi, y’all.

A young woman holds a stack of library books

Settle down there, kid.

Oh dear. Shameful confession time. Today a tweet from the Austin Library encouraged everyone to celebrate Earth Day by getting a library card. I had this vague idea I owed around $20 from past transgressions, but a visit to the local branch revealed that the me of eleven years ago ran up quite a bill. Suddenly my desire to check out books from the library dropped to a lower priority on my list of debts to pay. I am sure I’ll pay for it eventually, after for example, I buy new glasses. You can hate me for mistreating the local library if you want (I do in a very small way) but take comfort in the fact that it’s just late fees. I returned all the books.

More shameful is that now have a written record of how long it’s been since I stepped foot into a local library.

This is Sean Rowe singing, “Signs” from his album The Salesman and the Shark.


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