O Terrorist, will you share your Why?

Your motive is a must for us to end the sentence, “This was a terrible tragedy, but….”
We must know why, to know how we really feel about your actions.

But — you sometimes attended a nearby Cambridge mosque?

But — your brother traveled overseas last year to Chechnya?

But — your YouTube playlist mirrors the wars in the Caucasus?

But — were you planning more attacks?

But — were you simply in thrall to your older brother, always? And who was he in thrall to?

But — your middling athletic success made you both somehow envious of four-hour Marathon finishers?

But — you were Chechnyan separatists, whom Russia asked our FBI to monitor? Have you and your brother been under surveillance for three years?

But — Chechnyan separatists are sometimes “good guys,” if you listen to the neo-cons, the last people who lied America into war?

But — you must be treated like an enemy combatant because of your terrorist act? Or not?

But — your actions make you and your brother thugs and common criminals?

Tell us, O Terrorist, your motives and your Why, so that we may know further how to think about your actions and your disposition. Please return to full health — and stay healthy, as not all defendants under the jurisdiction of USAttorney Carmen Ortiz have done — and tell us.

So that we may then know what to think about what you did.

Because, somehow, a dead eight-year old, two dead young women and a dead MIT policeman, as well as multiple now-limbless Marathon runners and spectators — these are not enough for us to know what to think. America anxiously awaits an agenda, so that our opinions may align with our preconceptions.

Photo by an untrained eye under Creative Commons license

Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge