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BREAKING! Chechnya has OIL!

A lot of it, in fact. The Russian oil reserves are in the Caucus mountains! We just HAVE to invade them now! As George Tennet said, “it’s a slam dunk”! No wonder John McCain advocated sending troops there in 2008, decrying “human rights abuses” by Russia. No wonder Stalin and Putin wouldn’t let them go. And it’s pretty well documented that CIA supported Chechnya in its revolt against Russia in the 90’s.
So what, if there even was one, was the strategy behind the Boston attack? Did someone believe Americans are still pre 911 stupid, and that we would automatically assume the attacks were Al Queda, pushing toward the election of “tough on terror” repubs like McCain, who would likely give military support to Chechnya?
The celebrating in Boston was premature. It is telling that the first consequence of the capture was invoking a new law allowing LE to forgo reading Miranda. We can look for more freedom to be stolen as we slide ever further into authoritarian surveillance Eden. And, as the chains grow ever tighter, like Boston we will cheer, unaware of the end result.

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