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The Boston Lockdown–Is This REALLY Necessary?

If you’ve listened to or watched the news at all in the last couple of days, then you know that most of the entire Boston metropolitan area is in “lockdown.” All public transportation is shut down, hockey and baseball games canceled, most businesses closed, and most residents staying inside their homes while police in full riot gear, armed with assault rifles, comb the place house to house, building to building, car to car(I saw one shot of cops opening the trunk of a parked car on a quiet suburban street.) Residents also reported the Army moving around, though I don’t know if that’s really true.

So how many Bostonians are going for days without pay because they can’t go to work? How many small businesses that operate on a very thin margin are getting hit hard in the old bank account? How many street vendors are losing hundreds of dollars a day? None of these questions are being asked by the corporate media as they gush about the thorough response of the authorities.

And it’s all for exactly what? A 19 year old kid, that’s what. One post-adolescent who is probably armed with at least a handgun, and maybe with a few explosives, is the reason that one of America’s, and I’m sure Bostonians would say the world’s, greatest cities has been paralyzed.  Just how much more damage could this kid cause? Sure, he might kill a couple more people, might, but does that possibility really justify shutting down Boston for who knows how long?

Did they shut down Chicago when searching for Hannibal Lecter, who killed more people than these two Chechen brothers? Did they shut down Atlanta after the bombing in the Olympic Games? Did the Germans shut down Munich in 1972? Did they shut down Los Angeles a few months back when a fired cop with military training was gunning down other cops? Did they shut down Aurora,  much less the entire Denver metro area after the shooting in the theater? For that matter, did they completely shut down all of New York City and Washington DC after 9/11?

The answer to all of those questions is NO, they did not. So what’s different now? It’s almost like they, whoever “they” are, are seeing just how far and how fast they can impose a police state on a great and diverse city. How long will Bostonians put up with this?

How long will Americans in general put up with this type of reaction from the authorities? Or do you think they should? Do you think this is justified? Sorry, but I don’t. Feedback is welcome.

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