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Over Easy: Friday Free for All

Honey Bee Happy Dance (7075103325)

Honey Bee Happy Dance

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to put aside, at least for today, the sorrowful, scary, angry events of this week, and focus, however briefly, on things that should make us hopeful. Not necessarily lighthearted, but these at least are more positive and uplifting.

Charlie Pierce’s daughter, who seems to have inherited both of her parents’ talent for writing, has a guest post, We All Run Together, about how she’ll remember the Boston bombings.

These Soldiers Did the Boston Marathon, Wearing 40-Pound Packs. Then They Helped Save Lives.

In 1969, Vietnam veteran Ron Ridenhour wrote a letter to Congress and the Pentagon describing the horrific events at My Lai – the infamous massacre of the Vietnam War – bringing the scandal to the attention of the American public and the world. The annual Ridenhour Prizes recognize those who persevere in acts of truth-telling that protect the public interest, promote social justice or illuminate a more just vision of society.

The annual Ridenhour Prizes — awarded by the Nation Institute and Fertel Foundation — celebrate courageous individuals who spoke out even when the forces arrayed against them were large, powerful or questioned their motives and patriotism. … They’ve spoken out about global warming, illegal immigration, the FBI’s crackdown on student radicals in the 1960s and sexual assault in the military. They follow in the footsteps of earlier recipients who have come forward at great personal risk to expose the lies of government and corporations, to reveal unreported truths, to rally others on behalf of transparency, and to call out corruption.

This year’s winners:

A woman with a generous heart and a bright idea is behind Random Acts of Pizza to bring food to the Boston Marathon survivors and those assisting.

This French commercial about The Future of Paper in a digital world is hilarious!

Please send thoughts of concern and healing to Christy Hardin Smith, who undergoes breast cancer surgery today…and read her Renewal post. She personifies having a positive outlook, while facing a very uncertain time in her life.

Finally, seen on a friend’s car decal:
Wag more, bark less!
You don’t have to be a dog to live by those words. (I wish my neighbor’s dog could read that decal — and bark less!!)

Photo: Bob Peterson via Wikimedia, Creative Commons License

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