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Late Night: So What Data Got Dumped Today?

Fridays — especially Friday afternoons — and holiday periods are where the news cycle shuts down, at least in North America. That means that those are the times when those persons who are compelled to do something they find disagreeable, like admitting wrongdoing or releasing documents or other items that cast these persons in a less than favorable light, are likely to make their unpleasant revelations: Because they hope no one will notice them.

With the intense US media focus on Boston right now for the past work week, the effect is that of Friday Squared. All the media cycles of the last five days have been led by the Boston bombings and their aftermath — the hunt for the suspects, the speculation as to identity (the last was very important to the US media because, unlike right-wing and homegrown American terrorists for whom the Limbaugh crowd will make every excuse, foreign-born and/or Muslim ones aren’t considered to have motives worth analyzing, much less legitimate grievances), whether any of the suspects would be taken alive — which means that little else is being noticed, much less covered in detail.

Let’s see if we can make a small effort towards fixing that.

List the breaking or otherwise newsworthy stories you know of that got swept under the rug this week, or those furtive data dumps that the dumpers hoped would go unnoticed. Stories like the debunking of the Rogoff-Reinhart “Austerity Rocks!” paper the catfoodies and other austerity junkies and death-panellists keep citing the world over, or the whole CISPA issue, or Congress quietly conspiring, and Obama signing off on, the re-legalization of insider trading by Capitol Hill lawmakers. Oh, and there was a magnitude 6.9 earthquake in the Sichuan region of China.

Among the good news that’s being swept aside — and which has been swept aside for a while now: The impact of the Cleveland Model and other systematic, strategically-oriented efforts to bring economic democracy and justice to America.

If you’ve hit your limit of news coming from Boston, here’s your chance to escape from it for a little while.

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