One Thing Leads To Another, I Know

While you were sleeping…

Barack Obama used a space laser to blow up the Texas fertilizer plant in an effort to suck the air out of the news that the gun control bill failed to pass which was specifically scheduled for a vote to draw attention away from the news about the ricin letters that Obama sent to himself to distract people so that they wouldn’t look too closely at his false flag operation in Boston where he personally set off the bombs from the Oval Office thereby enabling his TSA shock troops to confiscate all the guns (his back-up plan in case the gun bill didn’t pass) scheduled right before the food riots begin because he is also killing off all the bees (using the same drone technology that he used to kill Andrew Breitbart) in order to make the populace weak and compliant thus forestalling the race riots  in the FEMA camps – which are currently being built in Cuba with he help of Jay-Z – because of what Michelle Obama said on on the Whitey tape which was supposed to have been destroyed in Benghazi, but wasn’t, which is why Hillary Clinton had to resign…. all of which was all foretold in an episode of The Family Guy viewed in Bill Ayers living room in 1995 even though The Family Guy wasn’t on yet

I would have provided you with all of the appropriate  hyperlinks but, by clicking on them, “they” would know that you were onto “them” and then you’d wake up in a bathtub full of ice in a Panamanian motel room with one of your major organs missing.  Also: fake moon landing, autism is caused by vaccines, and Princess Diana was murdered because she found out about the shape-shifting reptilian aliens among us, but please don’t tell Tina Brown because she couldn’t handle the truth.

At least not like you can, which is why I’m telling only you…


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