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International Developments

? The US will be deploying 200 troops in Jordan “to boost the Jordanian armed forces in light of the deteriorating situation in Syria.”

? Syria won’t allow a chemical weapons investigation team into the country.

? A ceasefire is in effect in Aleppo, Syria so that rotting corpses can be collected.

? “Iraq’s Justice Ministry says authorities have executed 21 prisoners convicted on terrorism charges and links to al-Qaida.”  They were hanged.

? “Afghanistan war can yet be won, US general tells Congress; The commander of US forces in Afghanistan [Gen. Joseph Dunford] outlined three achievements that would secure a ‘win’ after 11 years of combat–acknowledging none is yet in hand.”  He likes the word ‘win’; said so himself.  [emphasis added]

? “North Korea open to talks but not with US ‘brandishing a nuclear stick'” and if that doesn’t stop, North Korean will “intensify ‘military countermeasures'”.

? “What Drives US North Korea Policy?  What’s behind North Korea’s saber-rattling?

International Finance

? And who didn’t see this one coming?  “Europe faces threat of full-fledged depression: Data taking turn for the worse, a likely black eye for earnings.”  Data?  Earnings? What about the lives of the people of the eurozone as a result of this imposed catastrophe?

Money Matters USA

? Rogoff and Reinhart (Kenneth and Carmen, respectively) have responded to the criticism from Univ of Massachusetts researchers.  This is a key controversy, since Rogoff and Reinhart’s work is used to justify Austerity USA.  Yves Smith:  “The experts have been shown to be wildly wrong, and any decision to follow their faulty analysis now rests squarely on Obama and his fellow travelers.”

? “Five years ago, I was of the middle class; today I’m of the missing class.” And what makes up this new state?  “It is abandonment, as government no longer cares for its citizens, but only for itself . . ..  It is a jagged edge of a broken bottle job market that demands your silence.”  Good article supported by good data.

? “CEOs Earn 354 Times More Than Average Worker“.  Or, to put it another way, last year the average CEO earned $12,300,000 while the average worker made $34,645.

? The Minimum Wage Machine. [cont’d.]

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.