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Washington’s First Legal Marijuana Grower and Retail Licenses to be Issued December 1st

The very first licenses to legally grow and sell marijuana in Washington State should be issued around December 1st of this year. This is according to the the Washington State Liquor Control Board’s (WSLCB) newly released official timeline for implementing Initiative 502.

While voters in Washington State approved I-502 last November and parts of the law that remove criminal for possession went into effect in December, much of the law remains to be implemented. The state’s liquor board first needs to create new regulations governing the entirely new industry and issue licenses before adults will legally be able to purchase marijuana in stores.

After months of preliminary work the WSLCB has finally put out an official timeline for implementing the commercial aspects of the legalization. According to the WSLCB individuals should be able to apply for a license to grow or sell marijuana by September and a month later the state will start issuing licenses.

From the WSLCB:

Mid May – Send draft rules to stakeholders for comment

Mid June – CR102 (draft rules) filed for the Producer, Processor and Retailer Licenses. The CR102 allows the WSLCB to seek public comment on draft rule language developed with input from the public during the initial comment period.*

Small Business Economic Impact Statement issued with CR 102.

Late July – Public hearing/s on rules for the Producer, Processor and Retailer Licenses allowing the public to comment on the draft rule language.

Rules adopted.

Late August – Rules become effective.

September – WSLCB begin accepting Producer, Processor and Retail License applications.

December 1 – Rules are complete (as mandated by law). WSLCB begins issuing Producer, Processor and Retail licenses to qualified applicants.

Photo by Coleen Danger released under Creative Commons License

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Jon Walker

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