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So it is Nine Eleven Redux! Hold on

To your liberties (some of us might need to look up that word – “liberties,” no comprendre?, some of us may well be thinking, in hearing the unfamiliar term.)

We all know the aftermath of what occurred within just a few days of the Nine Eleven Terrorist attack. For one thing, the Patriot Act, a massive 1600 page document was swept off the desk of whatever official had it, and presented to Congress, whose members immediately voted for it.

Whatever was not to like about the Patriot Act? Like GE, it has brought Good Good Things to Life, like the Homeland Security Agency. Who could have survived the aftermath of Nine Eleven, without that caring agency issuing its color coded warnings, about whether we were at orange or red or the ultimate of ultimatums: Holy F___, put your head between your legs and kiss your behind good bye? I know no one in my family would have made it through those difficult times without those helpful warnings!

And lately Homeland Security has evolved into an entity that needs ever more cash as its programs decree the production of 2,600 tanks that can be offered up like door prizes to communities across the USA. MRAP Bearcats now are being approved for delivery to 67 counties in California! The value of these vehicles lies in their armor, so that in case of incoming IED attacks, whatever garage that the Bearcat is parked in will be ensured a safe zone! (At a cost of one million bucks a piece.) As Marin roads are perpetually clogged with traffic, the Bearcat won’t be of much value, unless some event occurs around 2:30 Am. But perhaps Homeland Security, using up some of the patriotic fervor now descending on the populace, will ask to develop a twelve million dollar helicopter to transport the Bearcat, so if the vehicle is needed during the day, the copter can sweep it up in its claws and air lift it to whatever part of the County where it is needed.

Although just last week, many of us were saying that oodles and oodles of money the Federal Budget arranges for both the military and Homeland Security need to seriously be cut back, as we would prefer to have Social Security checks in our old age, now such maudlin, self centered thinking will be considered “pre-Boston Marathon,” and we will find our friends and neighbors reminding us of what a true patriot would do in this crisis.

All this and much more. Pay particular attention to any FBI reports on whether the the internet an be linked in any way to the tragedy in Boston.

So yes, expect to hear plenty of patriotic speeches. And to watch the bravery by which the Congress protects itself – on C Span several weeks ago, two Congressmen were discussing how Washington DC is particularly vulnerable to attacks as so many out there hate the freedoms the nation’s Capital has. Although they left it unsaid, I was so struck by these men’s patriotic fervor that I rhapsodized for a moment about those freedoms and came up with quite a list: Like the freedom to allow the tax code to give up so many perks to billionaires that some billionaires own not one but two Senators. And those poor multi millionaires who can’t afford to purchase a Senator outright – well, they know that they can at least get a lobbyist to work to establish some act of Congress to offer their industry a leg up. Especially given that anthrax was arriving at various Congressional offices. I can envision any firms that manufacture drones to be especially patriotic in wanting to have each square inch of our nation patrolled by the mechanical eyes and droney weapons in the skies!

So now we have the killed and the maimed in Boston, the grieving families, and what better event to exploit for the purpose of patriotism than one like this? As reports come in about ricin being discovered, our patriotic media must only briefly remind us that at a time like this, true citizens put aside other concerns.

Would any true patriot now concern themselves with such petty matters as Social Security? And no doubt the media will be reminding us to put aside any concerns about the recent legislation that allows our Senators and Congress people to be insider traders. We can step away from the laments we have regarding the Big Banking World. And of course, we must especially forget the collusionary forces inside our government that have allowed Ben Bernanke to “loan” fifteen to sixteen trillions of dollars to the Big Financial firms across the world. Even now, some experts tell us some 4.7 trillions of those monies will never be repaid.

But not to worry, as none of this has any impact on any of us. (Bernanke actually made a similar statement to “Sixty Minutes” some time ago.) Except other than running up a defict, which has to be repaid.

So any true American realizes that it is not a time for snivelling. Rather the true Americans will realize the need to convert Social Security as well as all other social aspects of the budget to handle the budgetary deficit gap which is now a patriotic necessity. Snivel no more! As the new demands for increased military and increased Homeland Security are surely what it is going to take to ensure that we in the United States never experience such an event again, let us leave the heavy lifting to Congress, appreciate the sacrifices they will be making, as they determine which of our still existing but limited freedoms must be sacrificed so the terrorists can win!

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