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Dive In… Saving Humanity

The culmination of twenty years of planning, thirty years ago evil crept into power in America.  Words, twisted and corrupted, were used to puff out the chests of middle class white men.  Fear, just as twisted and corrupted, was used to make the same demographic willingly fill the pockets of bankers with their riches.

The last three decades are glowingly called a revolution by these men, but it was simply a confidence game and the marks still don’t realize.  Revolution’s threshold hasn’t passed and it doesn’t take providence to organize.  The people, as always, control this revolution, not with three-hundred-million guns as weapons, but with three nouns; compassion, consideration and communication.

The second Amendment being the right to revolt was proven problematic seventy odd years after becoming law, when we learned that pure evil can be the cause of violent rebellion.  Conservative white men have been unwilling to let go of it and it has become nothing more than a tradition fueled crutch which helps subdue the fear they hold of anything that doesn’t look back at them while they shave.

Have fearful conservative white men ever made any positive mark on society… EVER… ANY?  Why would any of us want the power of revolution to be in the hands of a group whose history of adding to the common good or helping perfect the union shows nothing save the negative effects of bigotry and short term greed, over and over?

Thank the stars.  Conservative white men are over.  Power is shifting permanently toward equality.

What makes humans different from other animals is our need and ability to better ourselves.  It is the epitome of laziness for us to rely on the instinct of a million year old gene pool.  Dive back in, if you must, but the rest of us are finding a new swimming hole and maybe, just maybe, will save humanity.

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