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Getting Syria-ous: Heads of U.N. Agencies Make Joint Plea to International Community

Syria’s Survival: Heads of U.N. Agencies Make Joint Plea to International Community

…As a measure of how dire the suffering in Syria’s war zones has become, the U.N. organizations’ joint appeal was rare, and included filmed messages from the chiefs of the U.N. Children’s Fund (Unicef) in New York; the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, the World Health Organization and U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, all in Geneva; and the World Food Program in Rome. In a departure from their more characteristically neutral tone, the executives let their anger show on the video, delivering a blunt message to politicians: That their paralysis over how to end the war is pushing the entire region to “a tipping point.”

Syrian Civilians Suffering while Western Imperialism Resorts to Medieval Barbarity

…The human suffering in Syria, which has escalated from crisis to disaster over the past two years, is the nefarious work of Western governments and their regional allies. It is a simple, provable, glaringly obvious truth. Yet, the thought-control Western mainstream media manage to somehow turn reality on its head, and make a virtue out of something vile and unspeakably villainous.

Western imperialism has created a human tsunami of suffering in Syria. And rather than making any effort to mitigate this suffering by delivering on much promised refugee aid, the Western powers seem to be -exploiting the massive misery for political advantage to further undermine the Syrian state and government. This tactic of enforced human deprivation is straight out of the Middle Ages, when invading armies would hold siege of cities by enforcing starvation on the occupants…

This official posturing is but a charade. These Western regimes have already been supplying weapons, funding, training and logistics to Syria’s death squads. Last month, Croatian media sources reported that the US and Britain had coordinated the supply of 3,000 tonnes of weaponry – 75 plane loads – out of Zagreb to militants in Syria. One of the recipients was the Ahrar Al Sham group, which is aligned to Al Nusra and, by extension, Al Qaeda… The airlift of weapons dates back to at least November 2012 and was conducted in liaison with Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan. That weapons conduit is just one of many that the Western powers have been running into Syria over the past two years.

The myopic Western mainstream media are so pre-occupied with advancing government spin on a day-to-day basis that they fail to see or acknowledge the big picture, even when that big picture falls on their heads with clunking conclusions

A case in point… U.S. blames Assad regime for fostering rise of extremism

…“By opting for the use of force against its own people, the Assad regime has created an environment that fuels the growth of violent extremism, and Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists are working to exploit the situation for their own benefit,” a State Department spokesman, who asked not to be identified in line with department policy, told The Daily Star.

“We are working with the opposition to isolate these extremists and ensure their violent and divisive ideology does not take root in Syria. Allowing space for groups like Nusra to operate will only lead to more violence and instability.”

And, If you still harbor any delusions on our failed FP… West aims to strengthen ‘moderate’ rebels, as Islamists take center stage in fight against Assad…

Even today, Bibi, in London for Thatcher’s funeral… Netanyahu to urge Britain to ‘carefully vet’ Syria rebels’ intentions before supplying them with arms…

From our side of the Pond… U.S. senators push for military aid for Syrian rebels… And, then today… The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee adopts a resolution which stipulates that the U.S. will assist Israel in an attack against Iran.

In other Syrian developments… Brahimi eyes new U.N. envoy role in Syria, dropping Arab League…

…U.N.-Arab League Syria envoy Lakhdar Brahimi hopes to revamp his role as an international peace mediator in the Syrian conflict as a United Nations envoy without any official link to the Arab bloc, U.N. diplomats said on Tuesday.

Brahimi has become increasingly frustrated with the league’s moves to recognize the Syrian opposition, which he feels has undermined his role as a neutral mediator, diplomats told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

“The joint special representative feels that the Arab League approach makes it difficult for him to carry out his mandate,” a diplomat said.

“He feels that it would be best to be associated only with the United Nations at this point to ensure his neutrality.”

Interestingly, The Arab League now seems to be in free-fall… The General Secretary of the Arab League resigned…

Lebanese TV channel “Al-Mayadin” reported on the resignation of Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi

According to some reports, the General Secretary’s decision, who heads the Arab League from July 1 2011, related to a deadlock in efforts to resolve the conflict in Syria, which lasted for more than two years.

Will sanity ever prevail…? Enough, already…!


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