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Boston Bombing Blame….Whom? Protecting us? Complete Failure.

An ugly incident, with sympathies to the families of those killed, and to those and their families injured or traumatized by the attack.

Now to the speculation, who and what motive? So by a process of elimination let’s start with the categories:

1. We have enemies, foreign. We have to include those.
2. We have enemies, domestic, (aka: Oklahoma), we have to include those.
3. We have “friends”, foreign. How would they benefit from a false flag operation?
4. We have “friends”, domestic. How would they benefit from a false flag operation?

That worked well, so far we’ve not eliminated anyone.

Maybe our vaunted NSA scanning operation can provide some leads, although no conspirators would use cell phones, email or twitter now, as it is well know the NSA (and others) are vacuuming up all emails for “intelligence” purposes. Way to go, no civil liberties, no intelligence and much cost.

Let’s try to eliminate “friends” who would benefit from this:

1. Our Government
2. A Foreign Government
3. A Private group (not possible to be “friends” and do this. These are enemies).

Our Government:

Not possible, because our Government is transparent and law abiding. Oh, maybe not so much (Look Mr Obama; this is problem with your administration and your method of governance, we, the people, cannot trust you not to kill us).

1. One of the FBI like operations where the perpetrators were not complete morons, and the FBI lost control.
2. A deliberate false flag by our Government agencies, irritated about loss of budget.

A Foreign Government:


A deliberate false flag by our “friends”, wishing to deflect our attention away from their actions to some others. (Our press is very good at focus, because it is so profitable, and deflection becomes a distinct possibility. Investigative reporting? Questioning authority? Not at all). This illustrates the weaknesses in a for profit, hysteria driven, news industry.

Insert you own candidate here. I’d put some “very friendly” middle eastern countries in this list.


Iran. Favorite enemy number two. Except why now? Especially when the US has so obviously exhausted itself in Iraq and Afghanistan, and why stir up trouble which would invite a massive “shack and awe” response.

North Korea. Nah. They want food for free. They’ll extort in any way possible to get it.

The Vatican, Don’t think bombing Boston will deflect the spotlight from pedophilia.

Private Groups:


Oklahoma City. Boston too, a notably blue area of the US. Need one write more?


Al Quaeda (obviously) because if a Muslim passes wind in the wrong direction and offends US sensibilities it is automatically an Al Quaeda cell, as that fits the budget needs of our officials. Unlimited budget to combat Al Quaeda, and don’t confuse the Boss with a different set of facts.

Some family in a list of countries not acknowledged by the US administration, who have a relative in Gitmo, or have had a party vaporized by a drone.

Well I give up. Our Government has been so busy protecting us and consequently generated so many enemies, that a process of elimination can’t eliminate enough groups. Even groups that “love” us have have something to gain.

Way to go war on Terror, lack of Transparency, rule by profit, and failure of Rule of Law. Good for Government budgets and institutional empire building. Protecting us? Complete failure.

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