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Pat Robertson’s CBN News Blames Anti-Gay Violence in France on Immigrants and Muslims

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Last week in France, leaders of the Christian opposition to France’s marriage equality bill promised blood and war if the bill becomes law.  Undoubtedly, such rhetoric will stoke anti-gay violence.  Curiously, however, CBN News blames the current spate of anti-gay violence in France on immigrants and Muslims:

Protesters gathered in Paris last week to stand against anti-homosexual violence after a gay man was severely beaten when he and his boyfriend were walking through an immigrant section of Paris.

Violence against homosexuals is said to have tripled, and some fear the same-sex marriage law will bring more street attacks from France’s growing Muslim population.

“Hollande wants blood, and he will get it,” Frigide Barjot, Catholic leader of France’s anti-marriage equality group La Manif Por Tous said after the marriage equality bill passed a key vote last week.  “We live in a dictatorship. The President of the Republic has guillotined us.”

Members of Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), the party of Nicolas Sarkozy, echoed Barjot’s violent rhetoric:

Herve Mariton…called the government’s pro-gay stance “an incitement to civil war”.  Fellow UMP deputy Christian Jacob said: ‘”The President of the Republic is risking a violent confrontation with the French people” by advancing the marriage equality bill into law.

Wilfried de Bruijin, the gay man featured in the CBN News report who was viciously beaten last week in Paris, told France 24 that he holds Barjot’s Manif Pour Tous responsible for the current spike in anti-gay violence:

The Manif Pour Tous group is responsible for this, but we need to define what it is exactly what it is they are responsible for.

Are they responsible for my injuries?  Did their spokeswoman rip out one of my teeth?

Of course not.  It’s other things.  For months they’ve been talking up exclusion.  And, unfortunately, it has created an atmosphere in which people can go beyond acceptable limits of physical action.

CBN, a Virginia-based media company founded by evangelical Christian Pat Robertson,  doesn’t explain why it casts blame on immigrants and Muslims for the recent spate of anti-gay violence when it has been French Christian activists and politicians who have been employing violent rhetoric as the marriage bill progresses through Parliament.

Update: Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois, archbishop of Paris has added his voice to the chorus of French Christians invoking violence (h/t JMG):

Vingt-Trois…said the difference between the sexes was a basic human trait and denying it by legalizing marriage and adoption for homosexuals would weaken society’s ability to manage its differences peacefully.

“This is the way a violent society develops,” he told the spring meeting of the French bishops’ conference. “Society has lost its capacity of integration and especially its ability to blend differences in a common project.”

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