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Over Easy: Monday Science


Geez! Put on some underwear!

I hacked your webcam, what the heck ARE you wearing?

Well, I said last week it was unclear is the leaking tanks at Fukushima were isolated cases or a systemic problem. It’s clear now it’s a systemic problem. This is added to the 150,000 sq km of Pacific Ocean already containing a “remarkable amount” of contamination.

Live near the English channel? Nuclear energy has left you a gift, too.

The solar flare seems to have caused minimal damage. This may change by the time this is published, so be tolerant of me.

An apartment building powered by Algae!

However, algae is killing sea otters and probably hurting everything else. Algae blooms are frequently caused by fertilizer runoff.

The China flu could turn evil, but we knew that. This is H7N9. What do those meaningless letters and numbers mean? Well, here’s the detailed description. Useful generalization: Anytime you get a H number other than 1 that infects humans, you’ve got a problem. Our immune systems are really experienced with H1 Nx, the others not so much. But H1nx can be deadly. And the others don’t have to be. Generalization, remember?

$1.3M for Francis Crick’s DNA Nobel prize medal. These come up for sale very rarely, though Falkner’s Literature prize is going up for auction too.

If you’ve coughed up money to name a planet, you were scammed. Unh, nobody here was silly enough to do that, right?

Some lucky Hawaiian astronomers are getting a cool new telescope to play with. Maybe. They still have some paperwork and the natives are restless. Still, it would be great science. Gotta come up with a better name than Thirty Meter Telescope. How times have changed, this was the largest for the entire time I was in school. We studied how they made that mirror in Engineering.

Remember Louise Brown? Remember how amazing this was back then? IVF is common now.

We are going to live to see ice free arctic summers.  Sucks to be a polar bear.

Al Gore is fat.

A material that mimics squid beak can be used to make better medical devices. It solves a problem I never knew existed!

In the olden days, a ram would be attached to the bow a of a ship to be used as a weapon. Here’s how they cast such a massive object 2000 years ago!.

If you don’t believe in evolution, pass this cool study on the evolution of human eyesight on by.

Are we seeing the birth of a giant planet?

Boxturtle (Get your hummingbird feeders out!)


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