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NOM Has Launched International Organization for Marriage

It’s been apparent for some time that Washington, D.C.-based National Organization for Marriage has been active in the ongoing marriage debates in the United Kingdom and France, although NOM has never admitted that it has any direct connection with the NOM-like organizations in these counties.

Today we learn that these organizations appear NOM-like for a reason: they are being coordinated by an umbrella organization called International Organization for Marriage.

Jeremy Hooper at NOM Exposed made the discovery while researching the apparent connections between NOM and a NOM clone in France called Collectif Famille Mariage:

For starters, check out this email blast that I stumbled on.  Don’t worry if you can’t read French; I mostly want you to focus on the styling and one of the English lines at the bottom of the blast:

Okay, first the styling.  If you’ve ever seen one of NOM’s email blasts (and I trust that regular NOM Exposed readers have), then you know that this one looks near-identical to NOM’s standard email template.  Same logo (though in gold), same smiling pic of the org. president, same placement of social media links—same everything.  That’s because both are coming from the one, central, Catholic-driven hub that unites these two fights: Opus Fidelis.  If you need further proof of this connection to NOM’s social media hub, then click the following Opus Fidelis link, which will take you to the above email:

But even more interesting than NOM’s obvious connection to this one fight is the line at the bottom of this e-blast which notes that this French version of NOM is actually “a charter member of the International Organization for Marriage.”  This is news!  This seems to be an announcement of a larger umbrella organization that NOM has not yet unveiled—one that will try to export NOM’s American divisiveness to whatever nation might have them.  France seems to be a step in a sweeping plan.

Hooper goes on to note that internal NOM documents released last year confirm that NOM has been planning the creation of International Organization for Marriage since at least 2008-09.

Whether NOM is able to successfully export its discriminatory message to other nations remains to be seen.  Recent passage of marriage equality bills by the British House of Commons and the French Parliament raise doubts as to NOM’s ability to meaningfully affect legislative outcomes abroad.  Similarily, NOM’s international “Dump Starbucks” boycott campaign was an total flop.

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Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer