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Lovely Cat for Adoption

Cat to good home.


My friend’s sister is caring for the cat and won’t send her to animal control, but is highly allergic and can’t keep her. The cat’s around 5 years old. She was a friend’s mother’s cat and the mother passed away last year. The friend’s sister has tried everything to keep her, including taking meds for allergies.

Kitty is timid at first but warms up after a few months. She has been through a lot herself just with the transition. She was used to having someone with her all the time and now is in a home where they are at work all day. She stays in most of the time, but when she lived with my friend’s mother, she was indoor and outdoor. She is accustomed to being around nice dogs.  She is currently living in the San Diego area.

Please, if you can, give her a chance. Her name is kit-key, and she has a heart shaped nose and a love filled heart.

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