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Progressives & FDL & Greg Walden (R) versus Obama & Boehnerists & Club for Growth?

Because Greg Walden said this about Pres. Obama’s Social Security cuts proposal — that it “really lays out kind of a shocking attack on seniors” — he finds himself reviled by Republican leaders and targeted for defeat in 2014 by the Club for Growth, an anti-economic-growth group that works single-mindedly to redistribute wealth from the rest of us to the rich.

Walden added later, in a conference call with Oregon media, that he was especially worried by the impact of the Obama proposal “on low-income seniors who rely on Social Security.” Now, doesn’t that needed rhetoric need defending against the right (Obama) and the far right (most Republicans and definitely the Club for Growth). I mean (cue random comment on, “Imagine that, a Republican not marching in lockstep with his leadership, but instead standing up for his constituents. Go Greg!”

So how about it Firedoggers??! Firebaggers? Collection for Greg Walden’s primary campaign? … ‘kay, never mind.

Here’s more on the Club for Growth attack, but I changed a few words to truthy up the LA Times mind-reading:

“You’re trying to balance this budget on the backs of seniors and I just think it’s not the right way to go,” Rep. Greg Walden of Oregon told CNN.

That potentially off-message comment provoked swift rebuke from the powerful Club for Growth, the redistributionist advocacy group that supports the measure as a starting point for redistributing more wealth away from social welfare and up to the rich.

The club quickly assigned Walden a place on its “Primary My Congressman” list of Republicans who deserve a GOP primary opponent because they are insufficiently true to redistributionist ideals.

“We always knew Greg Walden had a liberal record, but he really cemented it with his public opposition to even modest redistribution of wealth to the rich,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola.

Finally, a bit more of Walden’s CNN interview with Social Security cuts defender Wolf Blitzer:

Blitzer: What’s so shocking about changing that CPI, that consumer price index the way that you would determine how much inflation would go ahead with increases for Social Security recipients, for example?

Walden: Well, once again, you’re trying to balance this budget on the backs of seniors and I just think it’s not the right way to go.

Blitzer: But doesn’t the — doesn’t Paul Ryan’s budget have major changes as far as Social Security and Medicare concerned, as well?

Walden: Look, it doesn’t — yes, but it doesn’t do that.

Yeah, Obama’s proposal out-right-wings Paul Ryan … Kind of makes you barf, doesn’t it?

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