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Hard To Believe But Weiner Is Being A Total Dick To A Stiff

In case you missed it, earlier this week marked the kick-off of former Congressman and notorious cocksman Anthony Weiner’s 2013 Reputation Rehab and Sorry I Tweeted My Wang At Your Face World Tour. No, it probably won’t be coming to the Hard Rock in your city, no matter how appropriate that may seem, which is too bad because I bet the tour t-shirts are awesome.

Weiner and his frighteningly understanding but strangely satisfied wife Huma want you to know that Anthony is really really really really really terribly awfully sorry that he let down his family, his constituents, America, freedom, the penis-adverse (I’m looking at you, Tammy Bruce) and Brett Farve about his whole “Yo, check this out!” dicktastrophy of epic, or at least larger than average, proportions. They also want you to know that it is all in the past now and that Anthony is tan, rested and flaccid and ready to rock out with his cock out once again…. politically speaking, of course.

But do you know who Anthony Weiner hasn’t apologized to yet? I mean, besides Hitler.

Dead Andrew Breitbart.


It’s like Weiner is apologizing to everyone in the world, but he is stone cold cockblocking a personal apology to the Brentwood Speedbump.

Here is Breitbart.com’s own Larry O’Connor (whom you may recall is a co-defendant in Shirley Sherrod’s defamation lawsuit against  Breitbartia for selectively editing videos of her and posting them online causing her to lose her job, when they weren’t selectively editing videos of ACORN causing them to lose their funding, and, oh yeah there was that time when Breitbart’s own former (?) Virgin Ben Shapiro  made up Friends of Hamas in order to smear Chuck Hagel)… I’m sorry… where was I? Oh yeah. here is Larry O’Connor who, one year later, still really has a hard-on for Weiner’s due to his cavalier treatment of Ol’ ‘Deader Than Bob Dole’s Dick’  Andy Breitbart:

A New York Times Magazine cover story featuring Weiner and his wife Huma Abedein is being described as a “confessional,” with a contrite Weiner opening up and owning up to his past transgressions and bad behavior. However, the media seems to be willfully ignoring the most egregious and disgraceful aspects of what was Weinergate: His lying smear of this publication and its founder, Andrew Breitbart.

Not only did Anthony Weiner lie about sending x-rated photos to young women on the Internet; he claimed he had been hacked and he implicated Breitbart News and Andrew Breitbart, specifically, as being complicit in the alleged crime.  You would think that the media would never forgive such a lie, but instead they act as though it never happened.


But, what has Weiner done to make amends for allowing a week-long witch-hunt to occur during the first week of June, 2011? Why has Weiner not been pressed to answer for the vicious lies told about Breitbart?

I’m probably only speaking for me, but if there was ever a time for a guy from New York to grab his crotch and say with his best New York guy patois, “Yo, I gotcher apology right’chere”…. this is definitely it.

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