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A Pop-Up, Class War, Attack-Doll.

This fellow shows up for class war in his “all deficit reduction, all of the time” mode in the New York Times Op-Eds. I already wrote about his exaggeration of the current costs of Medicare and Social Security. And, about his minimization of the negative impact of the chained cpi, which I view as a tax just for being old and poor.

Today he’s holding his small plastic class war protest sign again: The ‘we cannot afford Social Security and Medicare’, and its all so ‘unsustainable’. He fails to mention that his gang pays taxes so low that America is ranked below Greece in terms of low income taxes. (24% to Greece’s 30% income taxes paid).

When he pops-up is important too. He’s there to cheer-on the President to make deeper cuts, just after the 2014 budget is presented. He’s just-in-time to suck all of the oxygen out of the media so that they cannot represent the fair budget of the CPC; (the CPC budget is the one that actually taxes capital gains like regular income.)

Where he pops-up is important. A media which pledges allegiance to the agenda of the wealthy and of the powerful. The Wall Street clown car media with its passenger side door for MBAs,lawyers and accountants, and its Drivers’ side door for CEOs.

Who he works for is important: Finance. Wall Street. The 1%. The top 20% who own 80% of America. This Wealth Inequality youtube shows how little the bottom 80% owns. The folks who depend upon Medicare and Social Security the most, the bottom 40%, own almost nothing.

What he does deserves special scrutiny: It’s called a Class war. Class War is where their gang, the haves,  take things that don’t belong to them, from people who have almost nothing but Medicare and Social Security left,  for their gang* to steal.

*hired thugs, corrupt politicians……

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