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By now surely everyone has had the opportunity to see things happening around them. The problem is that nobody seems to take the time to think about it.  I mean REALLY think about what is happening in our country and what we can or should do.

What we do or don’t do has that cause and reaction thing. In other words, YOU better think about what you’re trying to do to me!  I’ve heard the sarcastic words many times, “I’m the Govmint and I’m here to help you”. I used to laugh and agree, but it has never been such an in-your-face assault before 2008. The witty word express has been working overtime in Washington to confuse us and keep us blindly traveling along in the dark.  Words have been plastered all over the media straight from the lips of the politicians. Words like Financial crisis, Debt crisis, Sequester, Chained CPI, Quantative Easing, and numerous other terms that are intentionally confusing. All of these words are tools, and these tools are used for one specific reason. Even the most everyday innocent words like Peas has become a tool to use against citizens. It is really hard for Americans to take the time to really think these through and see what they clearly represent.  That is why I am sharing this month’s Global Capitalism lesson.  Please, please take the time to listen to it and think.  It will explain many of the witty words you find hard to grasp.  Just listen and then THINK!

It’s all right here for the taking.  Oops!  Did I say that?  Shhh!  Don’t let the banksters and Government know there is something else for the taking.

 Click here and then click the little arrow on the black box and begin understanding.



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