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NOM-Rhode Island Endorses Religious-Based Disapproval of Gays

National Organization for Marriage in Rhode Island has tried to hide its motivation for opposing Rhode Island’s marriage equality bill — a fundamental disapproval of gays — behind the insupportable argument that if gays marry in the state, children will somehow suffer.

“Defending marriage does not make anyone anti-gay,” they claim.  They also deny using religion to try to justify encoding their disapproval of gays into state law, saying that “most of the reasons behind leaving the definition of marriage as-is are not based on faith at all.”

Occasionally, however, the truth of their motivation slips out.

Today NOM-RI posted a link on their Facebook page to an article written by Wayne Grudem called “The Bible and homosexuality“, then tweeted that the author’s take “on marriage and its redefinition are spot on.”

The article amounts to a religious-based excuse for denying loving, committed same-sex couples access to civil marriage based on a radical-right interpretation of the Bible.

Mr. Grudem first interprets the Bible in a way that dehumanizes gays as unnatural, immoral and sinful, then quotes a verse that says that “one role of civil government is to ‘praise those who do good'”.  Having already defined gays as anything but good, he concludes that civil marriage should be reserved for heterosexual couples only.  (Apparently heterosexual couples, even those who abuse or abandon their children, are always natural, moral and sinless and “do good”.)

Government recognition of a relation­ship as a “marriage” carries with it the endorsement and encouragement of that relationship by a society. Married couples enjoy many protections and benefits (legal, finan­cial, and interpersonal) that society has granted in order to encourage marriage and signal that the institution of mar­riage brings benefits to society as a whole. So the question is really whether a society, through its laws, should give approval and encouragement to homosexual relation­ships that both the Bible and most cultures throughout history have considered to be morally wrong rather than “good,” and that also bring significant harmful conse­quences.

Anti-gay sentiments wrapped in a religious cloak.  This is what NOM-RI called “spot on”.

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Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer