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Who do you think they are ?

Reagan was supposed to have started it with his “Welfare Queen”  but this was the image that most whites had way before Reagan used the phrase. That of some black or latino living nicely on the dole.  Not some single white parent who is trying to raise 3 kids on it. Or needs food stamps or medicaid.

Or how about Social Security or Medicare ?  These also are necessary for somebodies grandma.

But thanks to the media and more than a few so called “progressives”, this picture is what a lot of whites have when you mention any of these programs.

These is this meme that whites will take care of themselves and others and don’t need any government help. That this is only for non-whites who want to mooch.  I wonder if anyone has told that to the shut-ins in Kansas or Nebraska or Indiana or any other red state. Those who have little now because they could not save much since all they got while they were working went to the families.

This un-spoken bigotry that permeates out society.


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