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Over Easy: Monday Science


You need me more than I need you


This is important. Wonder what else is brewing in the antibiotic stew that is our food chain.

This is daring. They insist it’s foolproof, because the rock selected will be small enough to guarantee it burns up in the atmosphere. Assuming, of course, they are correct about it’s composition.

It seems we were incorrect about Io’s volcano. They’re not where theory says they should be.

3-D printers can now make synthetic tissues.  We used them to make guns first, though.

Read about the Green Mile. No, not the movie. This is a street in Chicago with smog eating pavement. Speculate about what might happen if this spread.

Tissue rejection kills. Even when donors are a near perfect match, sometime a transplant failed. Here’s part of the reason why.

Sea lions dying from radiation? Maybe, maybe not. But they’re dying of something.

120 tons of radioactive water leaks from Fukushima tanks. 120 sounds like such a small number. but it’s about 30,000 gallons. Probably a drop in the bucket with what they haven’t admitted has already hit the groundwater.

Did anyone think we were safe from that mess? This is going to require a world wide Manhattan Project level of effort to clean up. Do I need to link to any “austerity” stories to show how unlikely that is?

And run it by me again that it’s cheaper?

Scientists hate it when a movie gets closer to correct then they do.

It is actually easier to design a fusion rocket than a power plant. Long term neutron fatigue is going to be an issue, IMO.

The Russians are planning on sending a robot probe to the bottom of Lake Vostok next Antarctic summer (Dec-Feb). My bet is they’ll have to back off if they haven’t solved the contamination issue. I hope they have.

I love history, especially early maritime history. I think the next big thing will be underwater archeology. The Chinese have built a ship just for this.

The French national assembly has a bee in it’s bonnet.

Bees are still hurting here.

Stories like this make me SO sorry I couldn’t post last week. Be sure to read the updates at the bottom of the story.

Box Turtle (This is a comic every sick mind out there should read daily)

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