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The Grand Bargain and the Transformation of the Democrats into a Conservative Party

I think this is of a piece with the observation I made back in 2010; Obama “thinks that the jaw-jaw of politics is more real than the tangible results in the lives of the public.” At the time, I wrote, “it is a deeply unpopular and undemocratic way to govern.”

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on my blog. Futureward, I think the following is most important:

Look to the 2020 elections. I expect the emergence of a coalition of progressives and tea party conservatives who figure out how to stand each other long enough to gather votes. Call it the Progressive Libertarian Party. This will not be the party that progressives have hoped for; it is going to contain strong anti-government elements, but it will support at some progressive policies, and it will be environmentalist.

It’s time to start thinking about this. What’s real? What can we sell to the country? Who will we be selling it to? And what will we compromise on?

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